Portable Appliance Test.

P.A.T (Portable Aplpiance Test)

Our P.A.T certificate is available upon request and viewable on this page. We also carry a copy with us to every event we attend in case it’s asked for from any venue.

The P.A.T is carried out on a yearly basis with ourselves conducting a visual and checks on all our cables prior to each event. Please view our visual inspection sheet here.

What is portable appliance testing?

PAT or portable appliance test is the term to describe the testing and examination of electrical appliances and equipment to ensure they are safe to use. Most electrical defects can be found by visual examination with some defects only being found by testing. It is essential to understand that a visual inspection along with a PAT test is vital. As a visual test can determine defects that a PAT test can’t detect.

View our certificate here!

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