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Where did January go?
31 Jan

Where did January go?

Seems like only yesterday we were celebrating Christmas and new year’s yet where already heading into February. January here at TCFK is probably one of our busiest months within the office. During the month also saw us out at a wedding fayres most weekends apart from the last weekend, this was spent back in my hometown, more on this later on in the blog. Past week we have confirmed some public events, some we talk about other’s the dates have not been released publicly, I’m really looking forward to this year’s public events.

One that I can announce is our attendance at the Record Store Day, Castle Road, Portsmouth. For more details check out the Facebook Event Page. Also, check out our event’s page on Facebook and here on the website to get all the latest new’s of the events where attending.



Automatic Candy Floss machine

As some may be aware from our facebook page, I had a weekend away back in my hometown. A little bit of rest bite for myself and to celebrate my mum’s birthday. To say my mum was surprised when I turned up on Thursday was an understatement. Mum was celebrating her birthday with a pub meal, this was I found the Automatic Candy Floss Machine, I knew these existed but have never seen one. A Big thank you to everyone for the comments, “They are tiny taste a little weird and you don’t see them get made – Mathew”.


The rest of the days were spent catching up with my friends and enjoying a wonderful curried goat at Dutchy Pot, Hitchen. If you’re ever around in the area certainly do pop in and give their food a try. I’ve most certainly travelled up just for dinner at this restaurant.

Till next time, Stay, Flossy!!!

First Wedding Fayre Of The Year
08 Jan

First Wedding Fayre Of The Year

Yesterday was our very first wedding fayre of 2018 at the lovely venue, Meon Valley Marriott Hotel.  It was a pleasure to talk to all the happy couples and having the TCFK logo recognised by three people was even brilliant. All from varies events, public and private. Over the moon with how well we have come with all the branding.

I’ll be editing the video from yesterday, nothing special as the video was not that long, but as hinted in our previous blog, it’ll give me a chance to play with some awesome software. Keep an eye out for that one.

This weekend (14-1-18) we’ll be exhibiting down at the Norfolk Arms, Arundel.

Happy New Year, 2018
01 Jan

Happy New Year, 2018

Welcome to 2018, and recovered from the hectic Christmas period. If you were out enjoying the last couple hours of 2017 your heads not hurting too much today. For us here at TCFK, it was a lovely Christmas spent with friends and family, especially personally spending it with my mum. It’s been around two years since we both spent Christmas together. Yesterday was an early night for us, don’t panic I’ve had some amazing NYE’s in my life, skipping yesterday was no real big issue.

So what’s the deal with this blog you may be asking. Heading into 2018 as a company I’m wanting to concentrate more on our social footprint. This blog is an area that’s going to be kept updated at least on a weekly basis.

In the past week, I have been installing two pieces of software that’ll allow us to start utilizing our youtube channel. Expect more content on there and of course, a future blog post on the two pieces of software.

Just a little blog post today, there will be at least another one by Friday, keep an eye on the blog. Until next time, stay flossy.

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30 Dec

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