Outdoor setup

Versatile for any situation and event.

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Our amazingly versatile outdoor setup.

If it’s a lovely day you have the option for us to be outside. All we need to have is 24 hour’s notice to make sure we pack the necessary equipment. This option is included in all hire’s and no extra fee is payable.

Here we have out small option, perfect for them tight spaces and enough room for us to work in. Our total footprint measure’s in at only 1.5m x 1.5m, and all we require is either a 13a or 16a power supply.

The outdoor option is just one benefit of hiring with The Candy Floss King.

  • Single operator to run the machine & serve guests.
  • Unlimited servings during specified hire time (1h, 2h etc).
  • Stand provided (We do not use venue tables).
  • Back-up equipment (Candy floss machine, flavours to re-stock).
  • Online booking management (Click here for more information)


Miniture Set Up1.5m x 1.5m footprint.

Medium Sized Set Up3m x 1.5m footprint.

Large Set Up3m x 3m footprint.

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